James W Dennis


Selected Publication : 


1. Golgi N-glycans processing regulates cytokine receptor signaling thresholds E. A. Partridge, C. LeRoy, G. M. DiGuglielmo, J. Pawling , Maria Granovsky, Ivan R. Nabi, J. Wrana, and J.W. Dennis.   Science 306: 120-124(2004).


2. Complex N-glycan number and degree of branching cooperate to regulate cell proliferation and differentiation.  K. Lau, E.A. Partridge, A.Grigorian, C.I. Silvescu, J. Pawling, V.N Reinhold, M. Demetriou, and J.W. Dennis.  Cell 129: 123-134 (2007).


3. Metabolic homeostasis and tissue renewal are dependent on β1,6GlcNAc-branched N-glycans.   P. Cheung, J. Pawling, E.A. Partridge, B. Sukhu, M Grynpas and  J.W. Dennis. Glycobiology 17: 828-37(2007). 


4. Plasma membrane domain organization regulates EGFR signaling in tumor cellsP. Lajoie, E.A. Partridge, G. Guay, J.G. Goetz1,3, J. Pawling2, A. Lagana4, B. Joshi1,  J.W. Dennis and I.R. Nabi. J. Cell Biol. 179: 341-56(2007) 


5. Genome-scale identification of UDP-GlcNAc-dependent pathways.   K.S. Lau, S. Khan, and J.W. Dennis.  Proteomics 8:3294-302(2008) 


6. Metabolism, Cell Surface Organization, and Disease  J.W. Dennis, I.R. Nabi, and M. Demetriou.  Cell, 139:1229-41 (2009).


7. The hexosamine biosynthetic pathway couples growth factor-induced glutamine uptake to glucose metabolism.  K.E. Wellen, C. Lu, A. Mancuso, J.M. Lemons, M. Ryczko, J.W. Dennis, J.D. Rabinowitz, H.A. Coller, C.B. Thompson.  Genes Dev., 24: 2784-2799(2010)


8. Genetics and the environment converge to dysregulate N-glycosylation in multiple sclerosis.  H. Mkhikian, et al.  Nature Communications, 2: 334 (2011). 


9. Suppression of Cancer Progression by MGAT1 shRNA Knockdown.  Beheshti Zavareh R et al.  PLoS one e743721 (2012)