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International Symposium on Glyco-minded Biology of Diseases as a Basis of Pharmaceutical Sciences


November 30 (Fri)


13:00 ~ Opening remarks


13:20 ~

Session 1: Immune Disorders / Immunotherapy

(Sponsored by SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.)

(Chairpersons: Tadashi Kasahara, Hiroto Kawashima)

[1] Gabriel A Rabinovich (National Council Research and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"Tolerogenic programs mediated by galectin-glycan interactions in autoimmune neuroinflammation"

[2] Shohei Hori (RIKEN RCAI, Japan)

"Control of autoimmunity by Foxp3+ regulatory T cells"

[3] Jamey D Marth (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA) 

"Glycosylation in the Metabolic Origins of Common Grievous Disease"


(Chairpersons: Makoto Iwata, Hiroshi Miyazaki)

[4] Olivera J Finn (University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.) 

"Oncogenic, inflammatory and immunologic consequences of abnormal expression of the glycoprotein antigen MUC1"

[5] Hideaki Tahara (The University of Tokyo, Japan) 

"Modification of homeostatic cell disposal systems to achieve in situ cancer vaccination"

[6] Kouji Matsushima (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Application of defucosylated humanized anti-CCR4 and CD4 antibodies to cancer immunotherapy"


17:50 ~ Poster Session (poster program)


19:00 ~ Banquet


December 1 (Sat)


9:00 ~

Session 2: Cancer Biology / Functional Glycomics

(Sponsored by Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

(Chairpersons: Masahiro Higuchi, Motowo Nakajima)

[1] Henrik Clausen (University of Kopenhagen, Denmark)  

"Use of zinc finger nuclease gene targeting for functional glycomics"

[2] James W Dennis  (Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada)

"A systems approach to understand protein N-glycosylation"

[3] Motoharu Seiki (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

"MT1-MMP is a multidimensional regulator of tumor microenvironment"

[4] Hisashi Narimatsu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) 

"Collaborative works with Prof. Irimura for cancer glyco-biomarker"


13:20 ~

Session 3: Infectious Diseases / Dystroglycanopathies

(Chairpersons: Toru Imamura, Kazuo Yamamoto)

[1] Nicolai Bovin (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

"Pharmaceutical prospects of anti-glycan natural antibodies"

[2] Hideki Hasegawa (National Institute of Infections Diseases, Japan)      

"Development of mucosal vaccine for influenza"

[3] Minoru Fukuda (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA)  

"Fer tyrosine kinase facilitates breast and prostate cancer malignancy by downregulation of α-dystroglycan glycosylation"

[4] Tamao Endo (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Japan) 

"Defective glycosylation in congenital muscular dystrophies: From glycobiology to alpha-dystroglycanopathies"


16:25 ~

Special Lecture

(Chairperson: Tsutomu Tsuji)

Tatsuro Irimura (The University of Tokyo, Japan) 

"Glyco-minded biology of diseases as a basis of pharmaceutical sciences"


17:25 ~ Closing remark